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Many of your common wear components have subtle signs of failure inside of not only your CNC machine, but screw machines as well. Sometimes it may be a burning smell that starts small and leads to a failing motor. It may be a noise that starts off quiet, but over time has subtly grown into an almost deafening whine. A clicking noise that hasn’t ever happened before may sometimes turn into a failing ballscrew or a warped brake disc on your lathe.

Often ignoring these signs lead to a costly repair bill with even more costly down time. At Turning Concepts, our screw machine components cover all of your needs for your machine. By catching these signs early and having parts at your disposal, you can save valuable down time scheduling service into your production schedule. The costliest repair bill may not be the parts or labor, but the loss in productivity. A preventative maintenance program, checking common wear components and changing fluids can save you thousands in parts, labor, and lost production. A well trained set of eyes and ears paired with a finely tuned nose can save a costly headache. Most of these programs will only remove your machine from service for half a day.

At Turning Concepts, we can provide any of your wear components for your screw machines including Davenport, Acme, Gildemeister, Brown & Sharpe, New Britain, and more.


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