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The recent “coating” of thread rolls hides the laser markings and makes it difficult to read the letters and numbers etched on the rolls. To help identify the correct faces of each roll for proper use, see the description of each roll and how they interface for correct alignment. Proper alignment of each roll is done with an understanding of the roll design.

Roll number 1 & A have the same lead on each side of the roll. When changing from numbers to letters it simply requires a flip of the roll on the same spindle.

Roll #2 has a C on the other side. When flipping the roll to the lettered side it requires moving it from position 2 to position 3 on the spindles.

Roll #3 has a letter on the other side. It requires a flip from position 3 to position 2 on the spindles.

A graphic representation of roll position accompanies this explanation. When constructed only two roll designs are ground. Flipping and placement create the three roll configuration. Understanding of the placement makes the marking unnecessary.