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Turning Concepts has developed the Roll On Roll Off® system for axial thread rolling on CNC applications. The axial thread rolling tool is used to roll outer diameter threads on the end of a component. With CNC machine tools the spindle is then reversed and using the Roll On Roll Off® system you simply roll off the part without damage to the finished threads.

The system includes a device that is mounted on an axial thread rolling head that prevents the head from opening and allows axial forgiveness to prevent thread damage. This simple device eliminates the need for manual intervention and/or a secondary attachment to reclose the head before rolling another part. The Roll On Roll Off® device allows the movable portion of the 2 piece claw clutch to separate to approximately 70% of each rolling head’s clutch opening capacity without the head fully opening.

In most cases, threads can be rolled in 1.5 seconds per inch versus single point turning which uses multiple passes. With one pass the Roll On Roll Off® system provides significant (in most cases over 400%) thread cycle time reductions.
The Roll On Roll Off® system comes fully assembled. The majority of our customers have been able to make a good part in 5 trial threads prior to beginning production normally within 1 hour after installing the tool for the first time. Repeat jobs because of CNC technology allows set up times averaging 15 minutes or less.

As a part of the Roll On Roll Off® system, Turning Concepts has developed process sheets which are provided along with the system that technically define the setup and CNC programing required. With access to the library of process sheets developed by Turning Concepts when using the Roll On Roll Off® system, any brand of CNC machine tool can be utilized. The library of these process sheets is available to be installed directly into the windows based operating system of Okuma machine tools with a P300 control where it is available for quick technical reference along with a training PowerPoint presentation.


Since the introduction of the Roll On Roll Off® system, Turning Concepts has sold over 130 of these systems. After using the Roll On Roll Off® system, many customers have come back and bought multiple systems, leaving them set up for a particular thread. Once the tool requirement of closing the head before each cycle is eliminated the tool becomes portable within a shop and can be used on any CNC Turning or Machining Center which is a significant advantage in managing workflow changes.

The Roll On Roll Off® system is currently under patent pending status and is only available through Turning Concepts.
Turning Concepts was recently awarded single source status for the Roll On Roll Off® system with a division of the Department of Defense.

The Roll On Roll Off® system is currently available in 15 head sizes and a wide range of threads. Most material allows for thread rolling and, therefore, the Roll On Roll Off® system can be used is a wide variety of applications. The Roll On Roll Off® system significantly increases productivity and flexibility to any shop utilizing CNC machines.

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